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As a global Engineering & Management consulting company dedicated to the energy transition ​H2exagOn partners with leaders in business, government and society to tackle their most important challenges by turning them into opportunities. We are transforming innovative ideas into the positive business cases to speed up the transition process. 

Companies in the industry to survive, they must rapidly adapt to the transformation taking place. Regard to that, our main mission is to unlock new business opportunities for the energy sector representatives while 

supporting new technologies to find their places in the real time projects. 

​​With a main focus on Green Hydrogen business sector, we solve most complex systems and create sustainable value chains from production to the end users. Our resource pool consist of global energy expertise specialized in different renewable energy sources and comprehensive project management.

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By applying collaborative business model instead of competitive one, with valuable stakeholders H2exagOn is facilitating most innovative projects by creating sustainable value chains to speed-up the transition process. 

With an exceptional experience in hydrogen business sector, we are working across the globe to identify and build up a pipeline of viable investment projects along the hydrogen value chain, with a view to shift away from fossil fuels, facilitate creation of a clean hydrogen market contributing to create new jobs, sustainable economies, and resilient societies.

David Otarishvili
Manager, Green Hydrogen Business Unit



National Green Hydrogen Strategy - Georgia, most cost-competitive supplier of the Green H2 to the European Union

H2exagOn prepared National Green H2 Strategy (2021-2030) for Georgia. 
Strategy have the most efficient potential to stimulate the economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis. As never before, it is a unique opportunity for Georgia to become essential part of EU’s integrated energy system, attract billions of foreign investment, create hundred thousands of new jobs, sustainable circular economy and resilient society.

B&C Sea Hydrogen Alliance

B&C Sea Hydrogen Alliance

H2exagOn launches B&C Sea Hydrogen Alliance, covering regions of Black Sea and Caspian Sea, including countries of Caucasus Region and Central Asia.

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