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HyGeorgia - Green Hydrogen from Georgia to the EU – Economic Recovery Strategy

November 2020

Development of 3 GW water electrolysis for Green hydrogen production and distribution to the EU. 

Production: Proven Best Practice to harness countries potential of the renewable energy sources (6GW)  and convert electricity into the Green hydrogen (power-to-gas).


Distribution: Transportation of produced Green hydrogen via Black Sea by special liquefied/compressed hydrogen carriers and/or by admixing it with natural gas in SCP(X).

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Innovative combination of offshore energy conversion: “Converting offshore wind energy into Green hydrogen on the Vessels/FPSO/FLNG"

May 2019

Feasibility study will take the business case analysis of offshore conversion and  a step further, by specifically focusing on the technical, commercial, and financial feasibility of the use of vessels for conversion of the electrical energy from remote offshore wind farms into Green Hydrogen (power-to-gas) and subsequent storage and transport to shore.


H2 Based Steel Making

May 2021

The decarbonisation of primary steel involves replacing the energy carrier and reducing agent in the process, coke/coal, with a fossil- free alternative and to fully decarbonise also the process itself needs to completely transform, moving away from the BF-BOF route. Direct reduction of iron (DRI) with hydrogen is the prime solution to decarbonise primary steel making process.
H2exagOn will conduct feasibility study for the leading steel manufacturer for the H2 based steel making process where the clean hydrogen will be used to directly reduce iron in a direct reduction (DR) plant to produce sponge iron, which will be melted in an EAF to produce steel.


Blue H2 for Ammonia Production

July 2021

Roughly 90% of global ammonia production is for the fertilizer industry. Ammonia is produced via the Haber-Bosch process, in which nitrogen is reacted with hydrogen. The nitrogen feedstock is extracted from the air. The hydrogen is traditionally produced from fossil fuels by SMR, producing CO2 in the process.
H2exagOn will conduct pre-feasibility study for its industrial customer to apply CCS to the SMR to switch from fossil to blue hydrogen production in order to reduce emissions from ammonia production by up to 95%.


SAF production via PtL 

January 2023

H2exagOn conducted Feasibility Study for one of the biggest European producer of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) via PtL pathway.  ​ PtL converts green hydrogen from electrolysis and green CO2 into jet fuel and other products with either the FT synthesis, or, alternatively, the methanol synthesis pathway.

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