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The name H2exagOn, is implying the hexagonal crystal structure of hydrogen. According the crystallography hexagonal crystal family is one of the six crystal families which includes two crystal systems. In geometry hexagon is six sided polygon as it is presented in the logo of the company. Symbolically we demonstrate all continents under one mission to create carbon-free future. 

H2exagOn is dedicated to fulfilling its mission to be the most sustainable company by delivering exceptional experiences in renewable energy. Our mission is to create value, by respecting and protecting natural resources and environment, while effectively contributing creation of sustainable energy systems and resilient societies. 

Value of our company is not by priority in quantitative terms but in qualitative ones. For that, to contribute to a sustainable society is a priority above maximizing yearly profit. We believe in collaborative business model, more than competitive one. 

At H2exagOn we are driven by four main values - Quality: not a bigger company, but a better company. Balance: the entire chain has to profit and be closed without waste. Trust: to give value to the exchanged knowledge. Ambition: to carry a broader purpose instead of just economic interest.

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